So You wanna Know what's truth and what's Fact with the Columbine Massacre? Well here it is:



The 1999 Columbine High School massacre has had much attention from conspiracy
theorists, suggesting many scenarios near Denver and Littleton, Colorado on the


        1 The Third and Fourth Man
        2 You Are Being Lied To
        3 Other conspiracies
        4 References

 The Third and Fourth Man:

    On April 21, a press conference was held by Jefferson County District Attorney
  David Thomas and Sheriff John Stone, saying that they suspected that other
  people helped plan the shooting. This, coupled with suggestions that Harris
  and Klebold couldn't possibly have brought so many explosives into the
  building by themselves, fueled many imaginations.
     According to transcripts from the police, two boys wearing trenchcoats were
  seen at the front of the school at the exact same time another pair, only one
  of which was wearing a trenchcoat, were seen at the rear of the school.
  A man on the roof was assumed to be a possible third shooter by the police. It
  was later discovered to have been a roofing repairman who was scheduled to do
  maintenance on the library's roof and had remained hidden there after hearing
  shots fired by Harris and Klebold.
      In the infamous cafeteria clip some say a dark figure is in the back holding
  what some say may be a gun.

You Are Being Lied To:

   In the book You Are Being Lied To, published by, several
irregularities are raised, including:

     Eyewitnesses reported seeing a 'dark-skinned, ugly' man as one of the
  shooters. This has led some conspiracy theorists to speculate that al-Qaeda
  (or a similar organization) had involvement in the Columbine shooting.

Other conspiracies:

     The intended and actual dates of the massacre have been extensively commented
  upon by those with a numerological bent, with links noted to the Oklahoma City
  bombing, the Waco siege, Adolf Hitler's birthday, the Apollo 16 Moon landing
  and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
       Articles from the Associated Press state that ballistics from Columbine show
  that six of the thirteen victims were possibly shot and killed by Jefferson
  County SWAT (AP, December 7th, 2001, "Columbine Student Killed by Cop"; AP,
  December 8th, 2001, "Rohrbough, Ballistics show police killed Daniel"). In
  2002, an independent investigation disproved accusations against the Jefferson
  County sheriff's department to the satisfaction of Daniel Rohrbough's parents,
  the chief proponents of this theory.

      Another is that Klebold didn't commit suicide, but was murdered by Harris. In
  a picture of the boys after they killed themselves, it shows that Klebold's
  shotgun is allegedly too far out of his reach for him to have shot himself
  with. However, these photos were taken after police had moved and disarmed the
  weapons, as you can see the magazines on the ground. Some believe this because
  in the last basement video that hasn't been made public yet, Klebold mentions
  he is Jewish. Harris, who was at times pro Nazi in his diary entries, having
  drawn several swastikas was shocked at it. As Klebold attempted to explain he
  was half, Harris simply said "Well that's too bad." Klebold sat there for a
  moment, as if he was afraid Harris would turn on him.


  ^ Catherine Tsai (18 April 2002), Cop Cleared In Columbine Death, CBS News,,
  retrieved 2007-07-25

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